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TTY-9920 Double needle post bed lockstitch heavy duty sewing machine With wheel feed needle feed

Product model



Product name

Single needle post bed roller feed sewing machine

Double needle post bed roller feed sewing machine

Product characteristics

Needle Feeding-Up and down feeding

Up and down transportation

Product function

Automatic reverse seam, automatic tire pressure foot, automatic tangent

This series of high-speed sewing machines are used in shoemaking industry.

Suitable for sewing high-grade leather, bags, gloves, hats and other arc-shaped medium-thick materials.

Servo direct drive motor is adopted to save energy.

The machine adopts electronic control and does not need compressed air.

Overload clutch is used for shuttle release protection.

The needle baffle can be adjusted conveniently.

The multi-function switch with pre-programming function is in the nose.

Inverted/intermittent locking

Selection of Pre-set Speed

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