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TTY-9659 Double needle CNC Intelligentized post bed sewing machine

Product model


Product name

Extra Long automatic single needle post bed roller feed sewing machine

Product characteristics

Needle Feeding-Up and down synchronous inverted needle feeding

Product function

Automatic reverse seam, automatic tire pressure foot, automatic tangent

1.This machine post-bed high -speed seamer for shoe manufaturing.

2.It is especially available for sewing on medium heavy weight articles with arc-shaped ,such as superior leather shoes ,handbags.gloves,caps,

you etc.

3.Digital control, the stitch length is same in any environment.

4.Guaranteed “stitch in stitch”backtacking-no “perforation” of material, active differential feed.

5.It ensures you easy daily maintenance.

6:No compressed air required ,all electronic control.

7:Easily adjustable thread trimmer for short thred ends.

8:Over load clutch for hook protection.

9:Top quality for all decorative and securing seams.

10:Stitch in stitch “backtacking no” perforation of material.

11.Simple adjustment to number of backtack stitches via control panel.

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