TTY-492A.B Single needle drive roller lower/middle/high/post-bed sewing lockstitch machine
CMM-12-680R Wire Forming Machine

·Special slim middle-post design can sew smaller shoe products which can’t be operated by general
    roller machine as well as some complicated materials.
·The direction (right or left ) and height (normal, middle, high) of middle-post can be set up in accordance
    with sewing demand.
·Height of middle-post can be divided to normal(180mm), middle (280mm) and high (380mm).
·The direction of middle-post divide to left and right, which is numbered as B, A.
·Due to special unison feed, no wrinkle in light material and fine stitch in heavy material.
·The roller presser design is suitable to sew the abnormal material, such as various leather, sponge-within
    leather and light materials, which can keep the seam smooth and even without crease.
·Adopt the needle bearing design, which can reduce friction and the damage of machine parts, low noise.
· Easy to adjust seam setting.
·Equipped with the Japanese made full-rotary horizontal-shaft hook, a well-tensed and beautiful finished
    seam is achieved with consistency.
·Suitable for sewing babies shoes, sports shoes, work shoes, boots, ski shoes, inline-skates, locomotive
    Shoes, cotton shoes, bags, purses and other materials.

Specifications and parameters:


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