Chizhou Xuhao machinery Co.,Ltd is an synthetical enterprise ,comprising factory and trade department. we are a professional manufacturer specialized in producing all kinds of sewing machine for shoes, hats, bags, sport products, leather furniture etc. We have the whole process of producing, supply, sale and services, we a complete management system, advanced inspection  instruments for quality and precession manufacturing equipments. Which enable us to have the capability for developing products independently.  
     Since being put into the market,our TTY brand sewing machine has gained many customers and their trusts with it’s  excellent quality,consummate technology and complete set of beforesale, onsale, aftersale services, we have established   market and service network for development, technology support all over the world, make XUHAO MACHINERY CO.,LTD A superstar in Industrial sewing machine field based on that.

    We collect the comments and suggestions from our customers broadly throughout our Management center of informationand give feedbacks to theDepartment,QA Departments production department and other correlative development in time to further improve and complete the quality of our products, Just because of this, Our company always has the prosperous vitality in the market competition.


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