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In trouble, Nike announced the closure of all South African stores.
From: Anhui Jieyu Shoemaking Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Post date: 2019-03-27

Nike Group has recently been involved in the whirlpool of racial disputes.
A Barak Lava headdress released online by the Nike brand has been widely criticized for promoting gang culture and profiting from it. The product, a $92 collaboration between the brand and Alyx, a men's fashion brand founded by British designer Matthew Williams, has been withdrawn from the website.
"These products are part of the Nike training series, demonstrated by different models and sold in many markets around the world," the brand spokesman said in a statement. We will never condone or advocate crime or gang culture.
At the same time, Nike has had to temporarily close all its stores in South Africa due to racial problems.
A video widely circulated this week showed a white man named Adam Catzavelos, speaking in South African-accented English, saying that there was no black man on one of his beaches and that it was a paradise on Earth (the original sentence was "And not one kaffir in sight. Fucking heaven on earth"). The word "K" begins with a discriminatory term used during apartheid in South Africa, which is equivalent to the word "N" in the United States.
The man is not an employee of Nike Inc. Nike Group and has been dismissed from the family-owned food processing company St George's Fine Foods, but his wife Kelly Catzavelos was exploded as the local product director of the Nike brand.

Nike Inc. has temporarily closed all South African stores
Race remains a sensitive topic in South Africa, and the man's words arouse public outrage.
Given that H&M racial discrimination started eight months ago on the Internet and spread around the world and turned violent in South Africa, Nike Inc. decided to stop operating 11 local stores. The group refused to comment on their emergency response, but issued a statement emphasizing that Adam Catzavelos had nothing to do with the group, while reiterating their position of opposing discrimination and always striving to promote racial pluralism, tolerance and respect.
Despite the troubles, Nike Inc. Nike's recent strong momentum in North America and China has been recognized by the market. After two Wall Street analysts upgraded their ratings on Monday, stock prices have hit new highs this week.
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