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Advanced! This roller car is 100% heavy needle, and can also achieve fancy combination sewing!
From: Anhui Jieyu Shoemaking Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Post date: 2019-03-27

TTY-9638 inclined arm numerical control roller car

Six Characteristics of Machine

1.数字化控制 Digital control

2.任何环境可实现针距一致 The stitch length is same in any environment

3.任何时候重针100%  Guaranteed “stitch in stitch”back tacking -no “perforation” of material

4.自由设定差定送料 Active differential feed

5.可实现花式组合车缝 Fancy combination stitch

6.车缝筒型、圆弧、立体部件效果更佳 Suitable for sewing cylinder arc,three-dimensional goods

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