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This kind of roller car can be solved!
From: Anhui Jieyu Shoemaking Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Post date: 2019-03-27

TTY-91218/91219 Single/Double Needle NC Intelligent Roller Car

Characteristics and uses
This series of high-speed sewing machines are used in shoemaking industry.
Suitable for sewing high-grade leather, bags, gloves, hats and other arc-shaped medium-thick materials.
Digital control can achieve the same needle spacing.
The double needle has good effect and can set differential feeding freely.
Servo direct drive motor, energy saving and environmental protection.
The machine adopts electronic control and does not need compressed air.
Overload clutch is used for shuttle protection.
All decorative seams or functional seams can achieve the highest quality.
The relative inverted stitching of pinholes will not pierce the fabric.
Control panel adjustment, inverted stitching, simple and easy needle count.
Product parameters

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