Traditional wholesale market in the "no cure" shoe purchase electric ShangHuaCheng expectations
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Since the recent half year, the traditional enterprise enthusiasm for the topic "Internet +" degree is self-evident. Because they really feel the impact of the Internet for their, feel a force from the Internet. Although this force comes from the industry outside, but in trying to topple the industry pattern of the original. The traditional industry to the Internet, then produce the fear, as well as a way of love "love". Both fear the Internet will upset the existing landscape, affecting their business; Eager to use the power of the Internet, and transform their existing business, for business to the next level.

2014, WeChat drops quickly, Meituan comments on hungry, the new node, the mobile Internet into the next phase, began to gradually transform the traditional industry supply chain. Conceptual change as entrepreneurs, combined with mature industry transformation case emerge in endlessly, facing a trillions of traditional shoe industry also has the accept transformation conditions?

In China is now the core of all kinds of commodity circulation link, is all sorts of "wholesale market". Traditional shoes materials wholesale market, intermediaries play a very important position, through middlemen, shoes materials wholesale market begin to polymerization product, dealmaking and other positive role, improve the liquidity of goods. But through the observation, we found that give priority to with guangzhou station west shoes materials wholesale market of the traditional markets have some inefficient link in no cure, in a "stable steady state" subprime, have the opportunity to use information technology to transform and capital. We are in the light of the features of the shoes materials wholesale market are studied, pick out some chat with you.

Features a: through purchasing channels on both sides, improve the efficiency of circulation

The traditional shoes materials wholesale market as well as many traditional wholesale market, is a typical non-standard products matching platform. Shoe factory in order to complete the procurement, procurement staff to travel long distances to other cities, spend a lot of time to eastlands, little also not spending money, the cost of living. If is the new buyers, but also can be hard to start, I don't know where to go to the wholesale shoes is more suitable. So the traditional wholesale market, for inexperienced buyers, run to success is often the case. Why must go to wholesale market buyers purchase, rather than long-term lock in one or two cooperation shoes material factory direct supply? Because shoes material procurement design requires more, less, most is to find original factory was relieved from the open mold fee, so few fixed cooperation supplier.

This is an industry with no solution of the problem, footwear and shoes material distribution in different belt manufacturer for industry development, the Internet, how to solve? First solve the problem of a large scale, and most rapid large-scale integration of the traditional belt shoes material factory first, and then integrate buyers purchase requirements, and then the buyers demand by wholesale market slowly into the source, can let the circulation enterprises to obtain more accurate upstream shoes material factory product quality and production capacity, demand for enterprise deal directly with the shoes factory. Little wholesale market intermediary strings, purchasing companies face is the choice of more diversified and resource information. So will be reversed transmission shoes material factory to do quality control and product innovative development, increases the risk of selected by customers and long-term cooperation. In addition, the integration of circulation, can improve the efficiency of the logistics, in the long run, also can promote processing, jewelry, and other value-added service system construction, further improve the efficiency of circulation.

Feature 2: improve the richness of goods, to speed up the "find"

Season shoes clothing industry has a characteristic, timeliness and popular factors influence, some special hot sandals, immediately put into production, the factory hold bad time has arrived in boots season. Big brand manufacturers association for different design may be popular among new quarter, and small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) decided to produce more is to look at the market, the time is urgent. These are procurement requirements of the plan, and so many items, a pair of shoes from the sole, heel to deserve to act the role of multifarious above will have to purchase respectively, design also many, manufacturers differentiation specializes in one of them, so be a pair of shoes is need and N many manufacturers purchase.

In traditional shoes materials wholesale market to a buyer offers a rich choice, but there are also many problems. First, although large wholesale market, is a group of mob, not a general index "goods", in order to separate a heel, a heel commodity wholesale market will reach hundreds of thousands of kinds of level, to find a not common, is not easy to accurately describe the heel, is extremely difficult. Solution, now basically is the head of relying on the wholesale market middlemen "index", between each other to ask supply shoes material factory, to meet customer demand. With rich experience in the cargo, they generally know what goods is roughly to find which several peers, and then by telephone, QQ, WeChat methods such as to make an inquiry. In addition, due to the uncertain demand of shoe styles from different manufacturers, more difficult to form a stable supply and demand relationship, both parties find goods efficiency is extremely low. This leads to a general integrity of market participants is very low, shoddy, shortchanged one is basically normal.

Look, it seems that "rich" and "on" cannot be satisfactory to both sides... Plus on the market can find shoes material design is less than one-third of all styles, let's come to YY, if a company can build great central warehouse, all products design is collected, if can on the basis of the "on", meet the needs of customers "rich choice"? The answer is yes. And each one has not been modified traditional supply chain integration will need such a platform to do.

Feature 3: put an end to waste resources give full play to the surplus value

After gathering a lot of buyers and sellers, market liquidity will promote price discovery, price is redefined.

Shoes material purchasing status quo were mostly closed loop communication between buyers and middlemen, there is no direct contact with buyers and suppliers, and material procurement requirements volatility is very large, influenced by factors such as market situation, raw material rise, base price is floating, but in the end demand that determines whether the price is depends on the shoe factory will find the original manufacturer of the products. But the shoes are widely distributed, find the original probability is too low, finally, often by middlemen to find cooperation manufacturer to open mold production, and the amount of a single purchase order is not big, shoes material factory yields lower procurement costs and high buyers.

Shoes material factory plants often in order to maintain normal operation and long-term development of our future are generally can't refuse to low profit or even lose money order. Shoes material factory itself, on the other hand, the product quantity is very big, but their products are on demand production, shoes material factory put version every year to develop new products to the wholesale market intermediaries archives mouths, although in the edition rate is very low, but do not equal to closed early, therefore, the factory all the year round the cumulative waste mold is piling up, causing serious waste of resources.

The Internet and can play what role? Or integration scale, shoes materials, originally under the waste module and rearranging, on the one hand, enrich the supply of the market scale, fully developed, on the other hand the shoes factory don't have to worry about new product can't sell pile of waste in the factory, so if the market long-term stable output requirements, and can have like speed clustering network platform accurately connection on both sides of supply and demand, so even if a scattered situation on both ends of the supply and demand, also can be a very good play to the guidance of the production plan.

The Internet and mobile smartphone will quickly change the industry. Using the Internet to low cost and platform standardization of retrieval tools to implement the rapid integration of supply, then the use of mobile intelligent devices for online payment, significantly improve the efficiency of liquidity and price discovery. Existing shoes material part purchase inefficient in the wholesale market, the emergence of the Internet is definitely not means that the problem can be solved, the simple "mobile Internet", "online pay complete closed loop" is not a fundamental change XieHang procurement, speed poly mesh with 3 d search matching technology combined with the positive trend in the development of the Internet, will give this to the brink of collapse in the industry's transformation into a needle arm.

Once out of the traditional wholesale market, the dependence of the intermediate links lost his role in the industrial chain, will be pushed into a fringe. The Internet will replace the even better to complete the wholesale market, the wholesale market will naturally be eliminated. Now many people in the real economy will scold ma, let many entity economic collapse, many people unemployed, actually this is also not eat grape to say grape sour self-pity. Ali, QQ, taobao WeChat can have some of the other products such as body copy, although they are not from 0 to 1, but it is from 1 to 100 or more, with ma for a "I don't do other people are doing it," this is a product of the era of progress, as soon as possible to accept and build on the aircraft carrier, the Internet is the right thing to do!


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